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Either side of Peachtree Road from the Piedmont hospital district to Piedmont road is an area where residents needing moving services call the reliable Mark the Mover for moving company services. This area includes the Marta revitalization district near the old Gold Club at Piedmont and Lindbergh. Between 10 and 15 thousand residents use this zip code, and Mark the Mover serves the moving and household relocation needs with their fleet of nimble local moving trucks that range in size from 20 feet to 26 feet. Mark the Mover is called on for these moving situations because we know the area well and have served residents here for more than three decades.

Moving in Atlanta is not a hassle with an experienced moving company. We move households that range in size from studio apartments up to houses with many bedrooms. Large moving situations are handled with ease at Mark the Mover with our large crews and many trucks. We will send out two or even three trucks if the moving situation needs them. Our moving professionals will start loading the first truck, and send it on the way with crew members to the destination which results in faster moving days. If you are a moving customer that values your time, no moving company moves quicker on Atlanta local moving in the 30305 area code.

Mark the Mover offers moving and packing, and on moving day our men arrive with plenty of furniture blankets to protect your furniture and them homes you are moving out of and in. Our crews are selected by Atlanta movers on a daily basis for all their moving needs. Mark the Mover does household moving as well as commercial moving, which includes offices, hair salons, dentists and retail stores. Mark the Mover has performed so many moving jobs that many Atlanta residents have moved with Mark the Mover before. When you are choosing a moving company, there are resources to help you decide like never before. Many of our customers use Kudzu to search for moving companies, restaurants, and other businesses because this type of website offers you the feedback from our customers on their moving experience.

Mark the Mover has many good reviews on review websites, and by keeping our customers happy with a fast and friendly move, our customers are moved to leave a good review at Kudzu. Another website with customer reviews is Yelp and there is also the Angie thing. But since Yelp and Kudzu are free, many more people use these websites for moving company information when moving from and to the 30305 zip code, around Peachtree Road, and areas along Collier approaching the Piedmont Hospital Area. Customers also call us from residences around Peachtree Hills Ave. and households moving to and from areas around West Wesley Rd and West Paces Ferry near Peachtree Road call Mark the Mover for their moving and household relocation needs.

So if you are looking for a moving company in 30305 look no further than Mark the Mover, and for consumer feedback try Yelp to learn more about Mark the Mover, Atlanta movers for more than three decades.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care, as a field of modern medicine, started in earnest around 1895 with Dr. Daniel Palmer. The Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa is named after Dr. Palmer and is still considered to be one of the worlds most esteemed Colleges of Chiropractic. Dr. Palmer met a patient that had lost his hearing for 17 years, and in talking to the man he learned that this patient had felt and heard a crack in his spine prior to his hearing decline. Dr. Palmer manipulated and adjusted the man’s spine on the notion that mis-alignment might be pressing on nerves and hurting his health. The rest is historical fact, the man not only began to feel in better health, but his hearing improved.

While Chiropractic care is non-invasive, and with the proper practioners it is gentle and revealing, physicians have long criticized the adjustment of the spine and neck as a technique for healing. Yet millions of patients around the world have experieneced the improved health, mobility and freedom from pain that we gain with proper alignment and curvature in the core of our skeleton.

Dr. Palmer’s theories are still taught, debated and discussed today. In the classroom, most all of Chiropractic Care is based on Dr. Palmers humble beginnings. But following in Dr. Palmer’s footsteps we feel compelled to mention the great Dr. Gonstead, who some estimate treated more than a million patients during his lifetime. Born in South Dakota, Clarence Gonstead began a career in Wisconisn as a mechanic fixing motors and tractors around 1915. He had fallen ill to Rheumatoid Arthritis the history goes and got relief from Chiropractic care. He became so interested in the science that he attended Palmer College obtaining a degree by 1923. Dr. Gonstead became recognized for the motto: “Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it, then leave it alone.”

While Dr. Clarence Gonstead pioneered, some think due to his mechanical background, innovative techniques for gently manipulating the spine back to optimum health, he also was a pioneer in the use of X-Ray diagnosis in treating the spinal column and neck. Gonstead has become know for the The Level Foundation and the Gonstead Disc Concept.

The Level Foundation addresses the alignment of the spine, and the Gonstead Disc Concept enhanced the definition of the chiropractic term subluxation. Dr. Gonstead was on the forefront of identiying the spongy discs between the vertebral bones as a cause of distress and nerve affliction.

But most agree that chiropractic dates back to the time of the Greeks, and the advent of medical sciences. Hippocrates thought that if the spine was misaligned, it impaired our overall health. Cicero, an ancient historian, wrote that early civilizations believed in the divine origin of healing and therapeutics. The ancient Greeks created medicine and are known for gymnastics, physical exercises and the Olympic spirit. The Greek gymnast Herodicus introduced gymnastics and exercise into healing, and modern Chiropractors are well versed in the flexibility and manipulation required for peak health. Plato even mentioned in his writing the value of Herodicus’ contributions. Herodicus also taught Hippocrates, well known as the father of medicine and the inspiration for the Hippocratic Oath. The ancient Greeks championed science over magic and fad. Hippocrates advised the physician pay attention to the spinal column, understanding the importance of good alignment and mobility to our overall health and well being.

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Steel town Birmingham Alabama

After the civil war, Birmingham became the largest steel producing area in the south east. Steel production requires iron ore, coke, coal, limestone and dolomite. Postbellum steel production technology involved the use of blast furnaces, and limestone and dolomite were used with the iron ore to carry away impurities, like a flux, except in this case it was called slag. Raw material were found in the unique geology of the region, and an abundance of railroads allowed for the transport of raw materials and finished product.

Like building Pullman rail cars and coal mining, a ‘company town’ aspect of production arose. Critics point to high mortality rates in the growth of the industry, but this was also true of the age, and of steel production in northeastern centers. Later, industries developed that produced pipe and fittings.

Early Birmingham pipe producers made cast iron, or ductile pipe. Later, a large production and distribution of steel pipe evolved. Many people forget that most of the pipe for the Alaskan pipeline was purchased from Japan, the pipeline was built in the 1970’s.

There is still a large steel pipe distribution network centered in Birmingham, with a great deal of the pipe being imported and some produced domestically. With it’s centralized shipping points, Birmingham ships the most pipe in the southeast by rail and truck. Major shippers include U.S. Pipe, Nucor, American Pipe and Supply and Consolidated Pipe & Supply.

The modern steel pipe industry serves the pipeline industry, refinery and chemical plant construction and vessel manufacturing. Modern steel pipe is produced in two formats in general, ERW and Seamless. ERW is Electric Resistance Welded and produced by folding sheets of metal into a pipe and welding the seam. Seamless pipe is extruded.

Satoshi Nakamoto

In the world of digital currencies, most people are left with more questions than answers. For example, is digital currency better than paying for stuff with my debit card? There is at least an answer to that, for the most part, digital currency is not as convenient as paying with cash or credit card. But it might be better than writing checks, and there are still a few people that write checks.

Just a quick note on debit cards, debit cards were poised to be a great system until someone noticed that some merchants did not want to accept debit cards for small purchases. Lawmakers got involved, found out that banks were collecting a small fee and they made that illegal. The result was less than perfect. This legislation ended free checking. Banks were hoping they could make enough money off the debit card fees to offer zero fee checking accounts. No longer.

When it comes to getting something for nothing, there usually ends up being a time when the person who pays a lot of fees for other people that are getting something for free feel cheated. Electric cars have become a new plaything of the rich. They have collected the subsidies for buying the $70,000 cars, and now they drive by the gas pump where taxes are collected in their electric cars. The poor schmuck that could never afford an electric car, or even a newer car ends up paying the gas taxes.

So the promise of a digital currency might go beyond just being a shiny new object. Can consumers keep money in the “bank” without banking fees, can they spend the money without large transaction fees, can they move their money around without having to hire a gaggle of lawyers? These seem to be things free people should be free to do.

Enter blockchain. The first major scientific paper to presage a digital currency may have been titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” and it was authored by Nakamoto. But Nakamoto was a pen name. The hidden actor produced an open source repository that supported bitcoin, solved the double-spending problem and used a peer to peer network to update the ledger and supported transactions and the integration of such into the public ledger.

Nakamoto created (mined) block zero of the Bitcoin block chain for a reward of 50 bitcoin. At the time, that was worth less than a dollar. Now that would be worth more than $40,000. Due to additional mining activity, Nakamoto owns around 980,000 bitcoin.

Digital Currency Pricing

September 2019 shows some good pricing levels in some currencies, first might be lightcoin at $55.00

Next is Ethereum at $170.00 but a better price might be $130.00

Finally Bitcoin Cash is under $220, a great price for btc is anything below the $225.00 levels. Bitcoin cash spent 6 months below $150 last year, so there may be room to get a better deal, as good as it is right now.

Moving Companies near Duluth Ga

Folks looking for the best moving company near Duluth Georgia often call on Mark the Mover for their household relocation chores. With more than three decades of Atlanta moving experience, Mark the Mover is frequently called upon on moving day. If you want to find a moving company that can be trusted, ask your friends and neighbors and chances are you will get a good story about moving with Mark the Mover. This is because we have done thousands of moves in Atlanta over the years and we in fact get a substantial amount of repeat business with people who have moved with us in the past.

Often it is said that people move on average once every seven years. With our customers it may be even less frequent. We move more often immediately after school, when we begin our careers, and less frequently later in life when we have ‘made it’ and can afford to hire a full service moving company. But when we reach the point that we can afford a professional moving company, the smart choice is to use a moving company that values your choice and will do a great job in the hopes that you will use us again, and especially that you will tell family and co-workers of your positive experience with Mark the Mover.

Duluth Georgia is a city in Gwinnett County Georgia accessible on I-85 north of Atlanta. Many use the Sugarloaf Parkway exit to reach the community with a population of more than 25,000 residents. Duluth got its name when a railroad magnate proposed a railroad from Georgia to Duluth Minnesota in the late 19th century. Duluth made headlines in 2005 when the Fulton County Courthouse shooter was captured in Duluth while holding a woman hostage. Notably the woman was reading Purpose Driven Life which begins with the spiritual thought ‘It’s not all about you.’

Duluth is also home to the Gwinnett Medical Center, an 80 bed medical facility. Also the Gwinnett Arena is host to the Nuclear Cowboyz in April of 2014. To the west of Duluth is Berkeley Lake and Duluth is not far from Lake Lanier. The Gwinnet Braves play minor league baseball north and east of Duluth up I-85 a few miles from Sugarloaf Parkway off the exit for the Mall of Georgia. From Sugarloaf Parkway it is 12 miles to Buford Dr., which you follow south to the stadium.

Visit the website for Mark the Mover Atlanta Movers, and consider using the most recommended mover in the Atlanta area on your next moving day, you will get done more quickly and have a sane and stress free moving experience.

Atlanta Movers

Movers Atlanta serving Sandy Springs Ga, Mark the Mover has spent 32 years building a reputation with the folks not just in Atlanta but also in Sandy Springs that is unequaled by any other moving company in the relocation business. Mark the Mover also offers storage in our 20,000 square foot climate controlled storage. Unlike self storage, our crews give you white glove treatment shrink wrapping bulky furniture, and all smaller items are packed in vaults for long term storage. Furniture pads are specially designed to protect all varnish and lacquer finishes as well as vinyl and leather upholstery. Our state of the art warehouse inventory system provides our customer service up to date information on the location of your vaults and household furnishings. At Mark the Mover our household movers and packers offer full service preparation for your relocation. We can arrive just a day or two before your final relocation to pack your household goods and we keep our moving and packing supplies in our Atlanta location so our moving trucks and vans are well stocked before we arrive at your home. You will have a less stressful move when you call our full service customer service specialists at Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018. We have Certified Moving Consultants ready to help you prepare to move your household. Mark the Mover moved over 2,000 Atlanta households last year and no Atlanta Mover has a better reputation with the BBB.


Located in Greece, Athens would have been a short walk from the fertile crescent. We know that a lot of early civilization, the development of grain crops and animal husbandry happened 10,000 years ago in the two rivers region that drained into the Persian Gulf. There are a lot of rivers in the region, but the ancient lore of the Tigris and the Euphrates combined with a Persian Gulf where ocean levels slowly rose combined to create a great marsh region that made irrigation easier and supported a large population of early civilization.

There are always people coming and going. Humans that migrated north could cross Turkey and find themselves in modern Istanbul. In today’s world, Istanbul is on two continents, with part of the city connected to Turkey and the Middle East, and the other side connected to Europe, still a part of Turkey. It is thought that the land bridge that separated the two sides of Istanbul broke around 5,600 BC and the Black Sea region flooded with water from the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1997 a bunch of nutty professors from Columbia studied the Bosporus Straight and came up with the idea that the Black Sea flooded in a kind of recent time. They proposed that over the course of 300 days, the sea flowed into the valley of the region now under the Black Sea and they first said they thought this happened 7,200 years ago.

At any rate, the people that were crossing the land bridge had crossed into Greece, where human remains have been found that are 7,000 years old, even older. Scientists study the Cave of Schist, where also they think some of the evidence could be 11,000 years old. It could be that heavy rains tended to wash stuff into the cave, and a great deal of evidence is found from all over the valley near that cave. While everybody looks at the Acropolis when they visit Athens, some overlook the fact that below that hill lies an interesting geology of what is called tectonic caves.

The cave network in a schist region collects a lot of rainwater. Rain washes evidence of civilization down hill. But more recent civilization is also documented about Athens. After 2,000 BC the area was dominated by the Mycenae and they were always fighting with the Dorians and the Ionians. In the end, the Ionians must have gotten the upper hand, as later the Athenians referred to themselves as ‘true Ionians’ and we know that history is always written by the victors.

Socrates, of Bill and Ted fame, was born is 470 BC and lived until he was around 70 years old. According to legend, Socrates met his end when he drank poison, his sentence at trial for saying nice things about Sparta. The conflict had come about as the Athenian culture fought with themselves about a sustainable form of government. Socrates had talked about the positive things in democracy. It is widely thought that two crimes were identified, corrupting the minds of the youth and impiety. The impiety charge might indicate that a clique of holy men were behind the charges and ultimate execution.

So Socrates drank Hemlock and died. Some still argue as to whether he committed suicide or was sentenced to death. But we still have the Socratic Method, which was adopted by Plato, as Plato did the most to document the life and death of Socrates. Plato, it might be argued, was the first great journalist, using the tools of written language for the first time to write about stuff without a big holy bend to the story.

Plato and Socrates developed the dialectic method of asking questions to figure out moral underpinnings to situations. In the ancient world the notions of right and wrong had more to do what the powerful man said to do than it did any sense of morality.

The Gods of ancient Greece were Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hera, Artemis and several others. They did not hand down a written morality, as we might see in contemporary Hebrew culture of the first millennium BC. In this way, we see that like pyramids, we have different cultures hurtling towards the same things while worlds apart.

Mining Rigs

Walmart sells a rack that will hold 19 GPU’s to build a mining rig. You might have considered putting two PCIe cards in a computer, but what does it really mean to put 19 video cards in a single computer?

First off you need a motherboard with 19 GPU slots. Actually, that is not entirely true, because the mining cards do not need the full x16 interface. So a professional will start with an Asus B250 that has 18 x1 slots and one full x16 slot. The x16 interface can be used in a standard case as a standard video adapter, but the remaining 18 x1 connectors are not meant to be used in a standard case. They are used with an x1 extension cable to the mining cards.

So what we are doing is using a ribbon cable to carry the PCIe x1 signals throughout the cage of video cards. Just a note, if each video card costs $1,000 then you can calculate the investment in just video cards.

But we are not done yet, because we need a power supply that is powerful enough and has enough power connectors to power 19 gpu’s. The B250 has three 24 pin power slots, so if you buy some less expensive video cards, they can get all their power from the ribbon cable going to the motherboard. We still have the problem of consuming something in the range of 75 watts up to 175 watts per card.

Since power supplies typically have a single 24 pin connector, it would seem that the intent is to use three power supplies. So three nice power supplies might be able to run twelve to 15 video cards. The fact is, if you were going to attempt this, you should not try to run the maximum number of cards. In fact you should start by running four or more cards, and learn as you go.

But suppose you can get a dozen high end cards mining bitcoin. You could run Linux or Windows, there are mining applications for either system. The GTX 1070 uses 150 watts and a lot of hashing speed. They also have at least one 6 pin, and sometimes two 8 pin power connectors, so that could make it challenging to run more than six cards on three power supplies.

But the reason we get excited about building a rig like this is to make money. So first we have to point out that nobody is mining bitcoin with Nvidia cards, there are more profitable approaches for this type of setup. So assuming you choose your currency wisely, each 1070 can mine more than $50 of currency per month. Now that you are seeing the dollar signs, put off looking at your electricity bill as long as possible. That is because each power supply can use up to $100 worth of electricity each month.

Normally, the power supply in a computer runs at a small percentage of it’s rating. Plus the computer goes to sleep more hours than it is awake. In mining digital currency, the power supplies are going to run full throttle 24 hours each day. So the cost of electricity roughly equals the mining revenue. And as the video cards and power supplies wear out under heavy usage, nothing is earned towards paying for replacements, much less paying off the initial investment.

Of course, the calculation are pretty rough. A slight rise in the price of digital currencies makes the project more profitable. Choosing the currency and finding less expensive electricity is a major component of the cost. The cost of electricity in Florida or New York City can be double what is payed in parts of Washington State.

Bitcoin Storage

In 2017, CNBC published a story about a man who had mined Bitcoins for 4 years and amassed 7,500 in the early days of the currency. Unfortunately, the hard drive on which the complex strings of digits resided ended up in a landfill. The man was an IT worker in England, and when the laptop died on which he depended for the mining, he kept the hard drive but threw the rest away, or sold some of the parts. At the time, a Bitcoin was worth less than an English Pound.

Much of the story transpired between 2009 and 2014, which makes the entire story surprising since cloud based backups have been around since the early 2000’s. We have been burning our own compact discs (CD’s) since the late 1980’s, and we have been using USB storage devices since around 2000.

The problem with hard drives

Of course, anything physical could have been thrown in the dust bin by accident. And CD and DVD media have too high a likelihood of being unreadable from one drive to the next, or after a few short years. USB solid state media on the other hand is very reliable, but whether USB or cloud, the next consideration is how to encrypt a bitcoin wallet.

Software Wallets

Hard drive based wallets generally require a password to open. Another consideration is that you will need the software that manages a wallet to run on a computer. If the computer that first stored the bitcoin ran on Windows 95 and the company went out of business, you need to hope that you can find the software, emulate Windows 95 and simulate the original operations required to operate the wallet.

Pencil and Paper

Some think that we could calculate Bitcoin hashes with pencil and paper, perhaps at a rate of more than one solution a week, but that argument might have some holes in it. But there is no doubt that the private keys required to possess a bitcoin could be expressed with a pencil and paper. But transpose a single pair of digits and the key is rendered invalid. Cutting and pasting digital keys seems to be so much safer for managing the cryptic data in play.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets allow bitcoin owners to carry their bitcoin or store it in a safe deposit box. Of course, you would need to understand how to recover your bitcoin in the event of hardware failure, or if a comet strikes your safe deposit box.

A bitcoin can be represented in something as simple as two QR codes. Since there are a lot of digits to the public address and the private key, it is a fairly dense code.