Quail and Pheasant

I-In the natural community, whenever a population’s food supply increases, so does its number, and visa versa. If you wanted to increase your number what would you do? s-Kill off whatever else is eating your food. Right, and this is considered holy work by the Takers. Kill off everything but your food supply and your food supply’s food supply. You end up with a community in which every other species is systematically exterminated in order to support the expansion of your own. You also end up constantly worried about how to feed an ever expanding population. I-What does Mother Culture […]

San Juan Islands Washington State

Near Victoria Island, San Juan Island is located outside of Puget Sound near Seattle. American Territory, There are less than ten miles across the Haro Strait to Victoria. Roche Harbor is on the north end, built by a limestone baron, John S. McMillin in the 1880s it was once the largest lime quarries west of the Mississippi. The village of Roche Harbor features Hotel de Haro (built in 1886) and the Roche Resort. Access to Roche Harbor and San Juan Island can be made by ferry, boat, float plane, or even their private airstrip. The Roche Harbor Lime and Cement […]