Birmingham Restaurant Auctions

Freezers, griddles, display cases, stoves, slicers, grinders, shelving, compressors, fryers, tables, chairs, linens, and more.  Restaurant Equipment auctions, liquidations of grocery stores, we call auctions all over the southeastern United States.  Bell Auctioneers since 1992 leading the food service equipment liquidation industry, we organize and process complete liquidation cycles that turn your unused assets into cash.  We will rent the auction space, market the auction date, call the auction and complete the sales transactions, our standard auction management will provide all these functions and at the end of the day put cash in your pocket.  Click below for a link […]

Solid food for solid eating

The menu at the Atlanta Olympic Flame on Marietta Blvd near Atlanta Ballet is limited, but many good combinations can be found. A solid meal of meat, starch and fiber at a fast foiod restaurant often consists of a a burger, fries and a drink, with the pickle on the burger getting as green as you are going to get. The Olympic Flame offers salads including a greek salad for six to eight bucks. These are large salads, and you might want to split them with someone. However, if you have not had enough roughage and choose the greek salad, […]