Crating and Storage Atlanta

Huntsvilla Roofing has 18 years of roofing experience applying metal and asphalt shingle roofing to Atlanta Homes. We are an established Atlanta roofing company serving Suwanee homeowners with roofing and renovations including thermal windows and new siding for houses. Huntsvilla Roofing is not one of those quick buck schemes your cousin is doing or an out of state roofing company trying to make a fast dollar but not around in case something comes up down the road. Huntsvilla Roofing has an ample workmanship guarantee and generally recommends shingles with a 25 and 30 year manufacturers warranty. Many factors can shorten […]

three kinds of networking

Summary of LAN Server LAN Server is a network operating system based on OS / 2 from IBM. LAN Server file servers grouped by domains. LAN Access Server delivers improved data bases. LAN Server is preferred over other NOS to those customers who have invested heavily in mainframe computers. Access to resources can be done by their nicknames or aliases. Banyan VINES Virtual Networking System System (virtual network) (Vines, formerly an acronym and is now a registered trademark) of Banyan Systems, a network operating system based on a version Modified UNIX. VINES represents the highest standard interredes connectivity and security […]

roof roof

Roofing is a smart choice when looking for roofers to protect your family and home investment. Sorry to say, the roofing industry contains companies that grow to quick and out of state companies that come to Georgia to make a quick buck.eight year workmanship guarantee on all roofing jobs. When it comes to repairing roofs, the experts are storm damage specialists including hail and wind stress to roofs. offers free storm damage inspections and consultations including arranging to meet your homeowners insurance adjuster. We work with insurance companies and develop free insurance claim estimates. Most insurance companies allow two years […]

Routing Tables

A router interprets network traffic and makes a decision, depending on its programming, as to where to send that traffic. Routers are layer-3 switching devices, they work at layer 3 of the OSI model. 1. Physical 2. Data-Link 3. Network 4. Transport 5. Session 6. Presentation 7. Application A Router is a layer-3 device, a switch or bridge are layer-2 devices and hubs are layer-1 devices. Hubs, like a network cable, are purely physical, they do no interpretation or deciding, they just echo the network packets. A switch or bridge, on the other hand, works at the data-link layer, in […]

Atlanta SEO

Companies are learning that marketing to consumers under 50 years of age has changed drastically in the last fifteen years. While the Yellow pagees still work for consumers in the 55+ demographic and older, the vast majority of the younger demographic, that are spending, in their earning years and gainfully employed, are using internet search engines to reach consumers. Larger companies dedicate in house experts to the management of Facebook and twitter campaigns, as well as managing local listings, the most important ones being google places, bing local business center and yahoo local in that order. But other local listing […]

google search

Local brick and mortar companies seeking higher search engine placement in the organic segment of results should contact a proven Atlanta SEO company. The means of getting on the first page of search engine results is not all that complicated. Search engines like Bing and Google keep an eye out for new information on Atlanta Brick and Mortar companies. The more your company is mentioned on the internet, the higher you will be ranked. One problem companies have with ranking on the internet is the lack of an initial push to be recognized as an established Atlanta business. The next problem is […]

Earliest New Years Eve

The earliest New Years celebration in the Americas occur in the country of Brazil. While North American timezones begin with the eastern time zone, Brazil sticks out towards Africa and is up to three hours ahead of New York. Check athga for more information on New Years Eve.

Alabama population

Alabama’s largest city is Birmingham with its international airport BHM which is a hub to Southwest Airlines. Birmingham   250,000 Montgomery   200,000 Mobile   200,000 Huntsville  160,000 Hoover   62,000 Dothan   58,000 Decatur   54,000 Auburn   43,000 Gadsden   39,000 Florence   36,000 Additionally, around Birmingham are the cities of Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Homewood and the Center Point ‘Census Designated Population’ which add more than 100,000 to the general population of the Birmingham city area, which including Hoover above boasts a metropolitan district of 1,200,000 and is called by the census the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area. This is roughly one fourth […]

Muscogee Language

Mvskoke or the Muscogee language is a descendant of the languages of the Mississippian cultures spoken by Creek and Seminole peoples in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida regions. The Coosa Chiefdom was a short dynasty of river basin settlement along the Coosawatee river and include the Etowah mounds north and west of Acworth Georgia. The capital of Coosa is known as “Little Egypt” and has been the site of archaeological exploration yielding three major eras of culture ranging from 1300 to 1600 AD. The Coosa settlements featured a large plaza and three platform mounds. Researchers have identified similarities in pottery […]

The Outernet

A company has announced plans to place several low orbit satellites in space to deliver a low speed wifi based internet for free aimed at people who have no internet access. Proponents describe the service as a broadcast type service. Consumers would receive the content that is being broadcast, such as news, weather and sports scores. Since a web browser displays information that was requested by the browser, the Outernet wifi probably needs its own custom application other than the traditional browser on computer or cell phone. This simple application would tune into the Outernet network information and display and […]